Taking Into Account, Ep. 34 – Stadia, Open Source Money, Windows 7, Stallman, App Releases, IRC

On this edition of Taking Into Account:

0:55 Stadia is Google’s new gaming service powered by Linux and open source technology.

6:55 Open Source doesn’t make money because it isn’t designed to make money. Is this really true?

15:07 Still on Windows 7? A new nag screen arrives: “Get Windows 10.” Why not move to Linux instead?

18:31 Stallman on install fests and non-free distros. What to do about the deal with the devil?

24:18 New app releases: Geary 3.32, OpenShot 2.4.4 and KeePassXC 2.4.0 released.

27:58 Have you checked out the new Distrotube IRC channel?


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