Taking Into Account, Ep. 37 – Linux Troubles, Mint Devs Unhappy, China Bans Crypto, MS Linux Apps

On this edition of Taking Into Account:

0:51 Is the Linux desktop in trouble? Linus sees ChromeOS and Android as the future of Linux.

11:32 Linux Mint’s devs are not happy. A rare glimpse into the personal struggles developers face.

19:07 Had enough of Windows 10’s hassles? One author shares his reasons to abandon Win for Linux!

27:47 China could soon ban cryptomining citing waste of resources. China being China, or are they right?

32:00 Microsoft in the Linux news. MS releases VS Code as a snap, and MS doesn’t rule out Edge on Linux.

37:24 On a recent video, I was rather harsh regarding Linus Tech Tips and their Linux coverage. But a recent video of theirs deserves props!

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