Taking Into Account, Ep. 38 – Windows 10, Open Source Wins, VSCodium, Pengwin, Davinci, Kdenlive

On this edition of Taking Into Account:

0:41 Windows 10 is doing a great job persuading people to switch to a different operating system.

11:33 Open Source has won! Red Hat survey finds we’re living in an open-source world.

16:35 VSCodium is the 100 percent open source version of Microsoft’s VS Code. No data tracking!

21:36 Pengwin is a Linux specifically for Windows Subsystem for Linux.

24:24 Some new video editor releases. Davinci Resolve 16 Beta and Kdenlive 19.04 are released.

27:35 I read a viewer question from Mastodon about Snaps, Flatpaks and Appimages.


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