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This is the official website of DistroTube, a YouTube channel created by Derek Taylor (DT) that focuses on Linux tutorials, installations, reviews and news. Some of our areas of focus include tiling window managers, the command line, vim and emacs.

Exploring the Linux landscape with a passion for knowledge.

DistroTube (DT) is a YouTube channel started by me, Derek Taylor (also DT), in October 2017, where I initially focused on Linux distribution installations and reviews. As the channel grows and I mature in my role as a content creator, I am trying to spend more time on other Linux-related topics as well, including: app reviews, terminal and command line tutorials, desktop environment and window manager tutorials, Linux news and the occasional live stream event.


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Videos exploring a wide range of topics involving the GNU/Linux operating system and free and open source software!

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Social Media Sites Implement New Policies To Combat Wrong-Think

Recently, I noticed that several of the big social media sites are starting to implement new policies to help combat some of the bad, toxic people that hangout on those social networking sites. The following was taken from one of the big social site's new policies: Insensitivity Monitoring Our advanced algorithms will monitor all conversations for certain keywords and phrases that we deem as bigoted, sexist, racist or mean-spirited. Hate Speech Inference Our algorithms are able to recognize certain speech patterns and terminolgy, that may not get caught by our Insensitity Monitoring, and extrapolate the racist intentions behind those words.

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Interactive dotfile management with dotbare

When it comes to dotfile management, I find that the method of using a git bare repository is the easiest and most straight forward method to use. However, it comes with two limitations that bothered me quite a lot. It doesn't have any command line completion by default and it has the annoying checkout issue during migration to new systems. dotbare is a command line utility that by default wraps around git bare repository and aims to provide an interactive experience with the help of fzf.

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Managing dotfiles with style with rcm

Introduction rcm is a dotfles (rc files) management tool that consists of four programs, rcup, rcdn, mkrc and lsrc. It is open source, and is maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc. I used to copy all my files to a dotfiles folder in my home directory, then use GNU/stow to make all the symlinks and it worked fine, until I found rcm and my dotfiles game was on a higher level immediately.

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