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This is the official website of DistroTube, a YouTube channel created by Derek Taylor (DT) that focuses on Linux tutorials, installations, reviews and news. Some of our areas of focus include tiling window managers, the command line, vim and emacs.

Exploring the Linux landscape with a passion for knowledge.

DistroTube (DT) is a YouTube channel started by me, Derek Taylor (also DT), in October 2017, where I initially focused on Linux distribution installations and reviews. As the channel grows and I mature in my role as a content creator, I am trying to spend more time on other Linux-related topics as well, including: app reviews, terminal and command line tutorials, desktop environment and window manager tutorials, Linux news and the occasional live stream event.


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Videos exploring a wide range of topics involving the GNU/Linux operating system and free and open source software!

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Give New Linux Users Ubuntu, Not Choice

What should we present to new Linux users? So I see this has been a hot topic in the Linux community lately. And that topic is choice. And specifically the choices that we present to would-be New Linux Users. And the reason this topic has been discussed so much lately is because of an interview that Jason Evangelho of the podcast did with Alan Pope (aka. Popey). Jason asked Popey the following question: “Do you think there is anything that needs to happen to have a complete seachange in user perception and adoption of desktop linux?

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It's Time For a New Text Editor

Let's be honest. Vim is bloated. Sure, it's a great, feature-rich editor with an impressive ecosystem of plugins. Unfortunately, not only that. Vim is also a mediocre file and directory browser, a lacklustre spell checker, a poor window manager, and other things. Sure, Vim is way more focused on editing text than Emacs, but that's true for any editor. sudo pacman -Rs vim During its 28 years of active development, Vim has accumulated a lot of technical debt and redundant functionality that should better have been implemented separately.

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Vim Plugins Without a Plugin Manager

Vim and Neovim are incredibly extensible. New features can be implemented in Vimscript, packaged as a plugin, and published on Github. Vim users customize the editor to their liking by installing a set of plugins, sometimes so many that it becomes hard to keep an overview. Do You Need a Plugin Manager? Most Vim users rely on a 3rd party plugin manager such as vim-plug, pathogen, Vundle, or NeoBundle. The plugin manager facilitates, to a certain extent, the tasks of installing, updating, and loading plugins.

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